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5 Brilliant ways to use Lighting Control - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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5 Brilliant ways to use Lighting Control

5 Brilliant ways to use Lighting Control

Having a lighting control system has many benefits. Once your whole home is on one system, the potential is limitless, and you can get really creative with what you can do with your home’s lighting. Here are out favorite ways to use lighting control systems to effectively ‘light up your life’!


1. Safe and Sound: Your family’s safety is very important, and having a lighting control system such as HomeWorks QS allows you to add to the safety of your home. As you arrive, all you’ll need to do is press a single button to light up the exterior of your home. This means no nooks and crannies for anyone to hide in- meaning you can arrive safe and sound every time. Lighting systems keep you safe as you arrive home, but also keep your home safe when you are on holiday- set lights to turn on and off throughout the day and night to make your home look ‘lived in’ and less likely to be a target for burglaries. This technique is called ‘Mockupancy’ and has proved to be very effective!


2. Winter Wake Up: One of the worst things about winter is waking up in the dark. Your alarm goes off, but all you feel like doing is turning over and going back to sleep. This is easily settled with the use of lighting control systems! Getting the whole family up and out of the comfort of bed in the mornings so much easier if their rooms are lit up brightly. Set the lighting in bathrooms, the kitchen and bedrooms to come on automatically at a certain time so that you don’t have to wake up in the dark. This is also useful for setting bedtimes for children; lights will turn themselves off at a certain time making bedtime an enforced habit! Now if only you could get them away from their phones…


3. Mood Lighting: You have put so much effort into making your home beautiful. Nothing adds to the beauty already there than the correct lighting in the proper setting: transform your bedroom into a place of peace and tranquility; keep your kitchen productive, functional and clean; turn your garden into a place of mystery and fantasy-all with the power of the right lighting! Create different ‘moods’ for different events with dimmer switches meaning that you are always in control.


4. Easy lighting- easy living: With HomeWorks QS systems from Lutron (available from Cyber Home Networks), you are able to integrate your lighting systems with your Apple and Android devices. This means that you will be able to check the status of your lighting system from your device if you’re at home or out.


5. Energy saving: The right lighting is important to any home, and so is reducing your carbon footprint. Creating a lighting system that is perfect for your home; saves you time, money and stress. With intelligent switch communication you can have control over your entire lighting system from any smart device, allowing you to turn your lights on- or off- from anywhere you are. This provides you with security benefits that other lighting systems can’t; all in a way that is more environmentally friendly and cost effective!


Lighting Control systems are an effective way of adding value to your property and your lifestyle. Cyber Home Technologies offers HomeWorks QS and RA2 lighting control systems developed by Lutron- a leader in lighting control design. For a free quote or more information on lighting systems, contact Cyber Home Technologies.

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