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4 Reasons Why Buying Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Dimmers Is Worth Your While - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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4 Reasons Why Buying Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Dimmers Is Worth Your While

4 Reasons Why Buying Lutron Caseta Wireless Lighting Dimmers Is Worth Your While

Are you or someone you know looking to improve their home a bit? Are you familiar with the luxuries of New York home automation? A big part of making your home yours is getting the lighting just right. Christmas is almost here and it’s not too late to get the present your friend/partner/relative deserves. Here are 4 reasons why purchasing Lutron Caseta wireless lighting dimmers will be the Christmas gift of the year.

Energy cost: No matter how many times we’ve been through it, utility bills never cease to surprise. Yellow lights can set a cozy ambience but they also tend to do a number on your electricity bill. Before you know it you’re spending an arm and a leg just for being at home. With wireless dimmers you will have control over how much energy you are using at all times. If you prefer, you can leave them relatively dim and only raise them when necessary. Not to mention that dimmer lights will last longer, saving you time and physical energy as well.

Set the mood: Anyone who has ever lived in a house that uses white lights can understand the importance that lighting has on the general ambience of a room. With just a simple changing of a light bulb you can go from an ‘I’m at work so I can’t relax’ attitude to an ‘I’m in the privacy of my home and have nothing to worry about’ temperament. With wireless dimmers, you can take that luxury to new heights. Set the lights to fit your exact mood at any moment of the day. Having guests? Set your house to party mode in seconds.

Lighting should vary by time of day: Your home’s lighting should not be the same at 4 in the afternoon as it is at 10 at night. With light dimmers, which can easily be incorporated into your full New York City home automation, you can adjust accordingly so you’re not burning up in the early evening from additional heat of your lights nor are you tripping over yourself because you can’t see once the sun is fully down. With Lutron’s wireless dimmers, you can adjust the lighting from right where you stand with the press of a button.

Vacation security: They don’t call it Christmas vacation for nothing. Looking for a change of scenery for the holiday season? Yeah well, burglars know that too. What they don’t know, is that with a smart lighting system, you can utilize an energy efficient ‘I’m away’ mode, which gives the impression that you’re still home by automatically turning on the lights occasionally without eating up too much of your electricity bill. Cyber Technologies can install home or office security systems in NYC.

Save money while enjoying the perfect ambience at the perfect moment of the day without ever having to worry about a break in. Call Cyber Technologies today at 845-223-1628 or contact them online to get your very own wireless dimmers installed.



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