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4 New York Home Automation Kitchen Luxuries To Unburden You From Your Christmas Dinner - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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4 New York Home Automation Kitchen Luxuries To Unburden You From Your Christmas Dinner

4 New York Home Automation Kitchen Luxuries To Unburden You From Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas is almost here, which means another delicious family dinner is just around the corner. For many households, Christmas dinner rivals Thanksgiving, but it’s always a bit of a burden. Christmas always seems to require that extra bit of energy, especially after all the chaos that went into preparing for Thanksgiving two months earlier. Lucky for you, Christmas dinner just got a whole lot easier. Now, with the futuristic Control4 home automation in NYC, you can control your entire kitchen from a single device. Here is how.


1. Automated stove: As you cut your vegetables, don’t worry about walking across the kitchen to the stove to raise or lower the heat. Don’t waste time having to turn the water off once it boils. With the Wolf E-Series Oven, all of that can be done from right where you stand with a simple swipe. Thanks to New York home automation, you can even heat the oven before you get home so it’s ready when you arrive.

2. Automated oven: With the Wolf E-Series Oven, you can monitor your roasting turkey from the dining room while entertaining your guests and your Control4 universal remote will alert you when the food is ready. No more running back and forth, having to disrupt the fluidity of the conversation due to hectic kitchen chaos. Now, you will know when the oven is finished preheating, when the food has finished cooking and when the food needs some extra attention. If the oven is left on when it shouldn’t be, you’ll get an alert for that too.

3. Automated refrigerator(s): You can adjust the settings on your refrigerator to notify you if you, someone in the family, or one of your Christmas guests has left the door open and for how long. With New York home automation, your fridge can also adapt its temperature to more or less activity. So if you’re planning on having many guests, you can set your fridge to increase ice production while it is being used more often than usual. And if you will not be using it for a while, you can set it for vacation mode to keep your food cool and fresh for the maximum amount of time.

4. Automated music, landscape lighting: Impress your guests with the creme de la creme of home automation luxury. Set the scene with dim lighting upon their arrival. Then, when they walk in, make sure you’ve got the perfect music to set the scene. And if you misjudged the genre, change the song at a moment’s notice.


Christmas should be a time to look forward to. Don’t stress over the hardships of cooking. With New York home automation and the Control4 you can welcome your guests with open arms instead of constantly worrying whether the food is ready, etc. etc. For more information on how to get your Control4 home automation NYC system installed, contact us today.

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