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4 Holiday Movies To Watch On Your Home Theater - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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4 Holiday Movies To Watch On Your Home Theater

4 Holiday Movies To Watch On Your Home Theater

Life comes at you fast. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and appreciate it. Christmas is a time for family, when you can stop what you’re doing and just be happy to be in the company of your loved ones. What better way to spend the holiday season than in your cozy new home theater? Here are a few suggestions for maximizing the full automated HD experience.


Inside Out

Pixar’s Pete Doctor’s latest is nothing short of a masterpiece and that goes as much for the tear jerking storyline as it does for its stunning visuals. One of the most impressive aspects of Pixar movies in general is their ability to simplify the appearance of their characters, yet somehow still capture the subtlest of emotions. With a home theater you can tune in better to what each character is feeling/thinking, which goes a long way in a movie like Inside Out. Furthermore, the color schemes utilized in Inside Out can only be done justice in a dark room with a large HD home entertainment system in NYC.


The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This movie is bigger, faster and wilder than its predecessor, and can only be fully appreciated on a big screen. Unfortunately, it’s no longer being shown in theaters. Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about that. With an automated home theater, you can watch all your favorite Marvel characters save the planet many times over. With the right theater, these movies can never get old.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The return of the cult classic character took the world by storm some months ago. From the fist minute of the movie right on until the end, the action does. Not. Stop. It is quite possibly the single most action packed movie of the year. With surround sound and a crisp HD large screen TV, you can feel the same rush you did in theaters.


Jurassic World

You’ve quite possibly seen the return of one of Spielberg’s biggest fantasy franchises in theaters last summer. And you’ve almost definitely seen the previous installments. The only difference is that with a home entertainment system in NYC you can feel the sensation of actually looking that T-Rex directly in the eye! Now you can enjoy the latest in special effects, with dinosaurs looking bigger, scarier, and realer than ever before in the privacy of your home.


Sound tempting? Want to make these luxuries yours so you can enjoy the latest in HD luxury with the whole family? Give us a call today at 845-223-1628, or contact us online anytime to get your very own Home Theater installation in NY.

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