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3 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Home Automation For The Elderly and Disabled - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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3 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Home Automation For The Elderly and Disabled

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3 Life-Enhancing Benefits of Home Automation For The Elderly and Disabled

Home automation technology now makes it possible for the elderly (and disabled) to live safely, comfortably, and independently in their own homes… without needing to move to an expensive healthcare facility away from their loved ones. The life-enhancing benefits of home automation are priceless for people with limited mobility, who find it hard to take care of some household activities (such as getting to their doors in time to greet guests, going up the stairs, turning off the lights, or reaching certain parts of their houses).

Here are 3 essential benefits that’ll make your life easier and more enjoyable:

Control Access To Your House Only By Lifting A Finger

For people with mobility issues, and for seniors who suffer from painful diseases such as arthritis, it’s difficult to stand up and walk to their doors to let in important guests. In many cases, moving is not worth the effort (or it’s impossible).

With home automation, you can control your front door with your smartphone, so you can actually open the door just by pressing an icon in your smartphone (after seeing who’s the person at the other side of your door on the screen of your smartphone). You can also give your relatives and loved ones an access code, so they can enter your house at any time, and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Besides, lots of automated locks come with a built-in fingerprint reader, and this allows your relatives and caretakers to enter your home quickly and easily.

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Absolute Control over Your Home
(Including Appliances, Lighting, Doors, Curtains, and Garden Sprinklers)

Another important aspect of home automation is that you’ll have complete control over all the devices in your house, without having to touch any of them. Your smartphone (or tablet) allows you to turn off any appliance after a specific period of time… remotely turn on (and off) all the lights in your house… open and close the curtains whenever you want… and automatically activate your garden’s sprinklers depending on the weather.

In addition, you can also program your home to turn on the lights when you enter a room (and turn off the lights when you get out), and you can open any door in your house through a smartphone app.

Allows Your Relatives to Rest Assured That You’re 100% Safe
While You’re Living Independently in Your Own House

In most cases, elderly and disable people require special attention from their relatives (and healthcare professionals), because something could go wrong at any time. Home automation makes it really easy for your family to monitor your activities, to ensure you’re OK. Your relatives and caregivers can watch live videos and access security logs from their own smartphones (or tablets), so they can keep an eye on you all the time.

Moreover, if (God forbid) you have an accident, or you’re needing medical assistance immediately, your smart home will instantly notify your relatives and healthcare specialists… and it’ll also call an ambulance.

To summarize, home automation can significantly enhance your independence and allow you to enjoy your life… without having to struggle with “small” things that may require great efforts if you’re a senior suffering from a debilitating disease, or if you have limited mobility. If you need to upgrade your home and make it a truly “smart home”, you’ll need the expert assistance of a reputable and experienced company. Cyber Technologies is the premier provider of home automation services, and we’ll guide you on everything you need to automate your home and make your life easier.

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