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2 Undeniable Perks To Lutron Motorized Shades In The Office - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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2 Undeniable Perks To Lutron Motorized Shades In The Office

2 Undeniable Perks To Lutron Motorized Shades In The Office

There’s a lot that goes into running a functional business. You have the rising cost of your rented office space. There’s also the ongoing struggle to properly manage time between training and work. Among the many challenges are two very crucial variables, both of which you can remedy with one very simple solution. On the one hand, you have your monthly expenditure, constantly digging into your budget and putting pressure on your bottom line. On the other hand, you have your employee experience. As an employer, you have a duty to make sure that those working for you are happy with their jobs and producing to the best of their abilities. The solution to both of these issues comes in the form of Lutron automated window shades.

How Lutron Lowers Monthly Costs

Every month, your gas bill arrives and it never ceases to hurt. Most businesses spend more money on rent and utilities than anything else. What if we told you that you could cut that energy bill substantially? With Lutron shades, you can. In the summer, when you’re sweating bullets enduring the hot sun, bleeding through cash while your air conditioning system does its work, you’ve surely pondered what it would take to put an end to the spending. Lutron shades make it possible by blocking the sunlight and keeping the room up to 20% cooler. They also help with keeping the cold out in the winter. They’re also environmentally friendly. In other words, by investing in Lutron motorized shades, you’re playing a part in saving the planet!

How Lutron Keeps Workers Working

It isn’t always so clear cut what influences employee productivity. Workers need to feel that you appreciate them while simultaneously pushing them to improve. But there’s also the ambience of the place they’re working in. There are more ways to influence an environment than just with the color of the light bulbs. Studies show that Lutron motorized shades increase productivity. Sunlight glare can reduce productivity by as much as 20%. You can eliminate that distraction entirely with Lutron shades. Albeit, the worker experience, and that which helps and the contrary can vary tremendously between each office. What’s important for you is to retain control of the situation and act accordingly. By cutting out the inconvenience of adjusting the shades, you can open and close as you see fit.

How Lutron Works To Make Your Life Easier

You will have complete control over your shades without the twenty minute headache of opening or closing them manually. Now, all you have to do is press a button on a mobile device and your work will be complete. The two biggest reasons for companies investing in motorized shades are the ones we’ve listed above. They want to lower their energy costs and increase productivity.

So be a conscious employer and call Cyber Technologies today at 845-223-1628 to install your very own motorized Lutron shades in your office. With this edition, you will see exactly why everyone seems to be taking the leap toward home and office automation technology.

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