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10 Ways to Protect Your Home against Intruders - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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10 Ways to Protect Your Home against Intruders

10 Ways to Protect Your Home against Intruders

When it comes to home protection, one always wants to go the route of professionals.  Industry leader Cyber Technologies with services like Westchester Alarm Systems and New York Security Alarms are an excellent choice when thinking about protecting your property.  Although high tech systems are ideal there are many other creative ways to protect you and your family from intruders.  By using these 10 pointers along with security alarm services New York Alarm Systems you will give those intruders a run for their money.

1)      Buy deadbolt. One of the easiest additions you can make to your house is the deadbolt.  The more the better.  Unlike regular locks deadbolts cannot be shimmied open with credit cards.

2)      Hide your spare key well.  The last thing you want to do is hide your spare key somewhere obvious, lie under a mat, plant pot, or mailbox. You want to make sure to hide your spare keys someplace no one would expect it. There are even products out there that resemble real rocks with a slot in the bottom for adding spare keys.

3)      Timed Light.  Buy lamps or lights that have a timer that can be set for certain hours throughout the day.  This will give the impression to intruders that people are home.

4)      Door Jammer Brace.  These things work great and they are cheap. Usually running around 20 dollars a pop. One end is placed under the doorknob and the other hugs the floor.  Friction does the work here making it difficult for intruders.

5)      Broom/Mop handles.  Sliding doors can be easily broken into.  Locking mechanisms are usually flimsy. Sliding doors and windows also have the tendency to not close all the way rendering the lock useless.  Your best bet is to nudge a broom handle in between sliding doors.

6)      Tape.  Taping up your windows allows you to see if any intruders are coming into your home.  Most break ins that go unnoticed can expect for the same intruder to come back.

7)      Trip wires.  Trip wires can be made with nylon and placed in pathways leading to bedrooms or in hallways.  Adding noise makers such as bell to tripwire will give you a heads up if anyone is in your home.

8)      Clamp bolts.  These work great as extra protection for your windows.  Clamp bolts work by grasping the two panels of your window not allowing them to slide.

9)      Weapons. Even though owning firearms can lead to in home accidents it is always wise to keep some sort of weapon around the home in order to fend off intruders.  A bat, crowbar are everyday items that can be used to protect yourself.

10)   Guard Dog.  The most effective deterrent is a good guard dog and warning sign.  Intruders will think twice before messing with a territorial guard dog.

Although these are great tips, your best bet is to go with the pros.  Cyber Technologies offers that extra feeling of safeness with services like New York Alarm Systems, Westchester Alarm Systems, New York City Security Alarms and New York Security Alarms

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